A space to share my artwork, and through it, raise awareness and money for biodiversity and conservation.

Financial support

With every piece that finds a new owner, 80% of the proceeds will go directly to a handpicked, trustworthy organisation. Follow the links to check them out, and see what endangered wildlife your money is supporting. 

Give back to conservation to help the endangered species

NFT’s have opened up a really exciting way for artists to share and sell digital artwork. As traceable one-off items, with assured rarity and authenticity, these ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ are traded using Blockchain technology which makes ownership and creatorship trackable for everyone.

Hey there!

I’m Jana, and I’d love to share with you my passion project ‘ART FOR THE ENDANGERED‘. What started as a creative outlet a couple of months ago, has now developed into a way to share wildlife art in support of endangered species.

So here is a little about me...

I feel most like myself when I am completely immersed in nature and am able to walk around barefoot 24/7. During my studies, I chose to specialise in Conservation Biology, and this has enabled me to gain insights, and different perspectives on the topics I am passionate about. And yes, the facts about how we influence other species has played a huge role in me starting this project, however I feel the purpose behind “Art for the Endangered” has much more to do with the connection I feel towards other living beings. I really feel that we all are connected to one another, and I love catching this moment of connection on canvas. I chose not to include any background in my paintings as I want the animal to be the main focus and speak for itself. I love how this has evolved into an art project, however I always come back to remembering that the core piece lies within the protection of the souls I can portray. I really take animals suffering to heart and so the hit of responsibility from actually seeing this struggle amplified any feelings and motivation I had to try and help. I realised how much of a difference genuine conservation efforts can make, and how much wildlife depends on it. While volunteering with wildlife conservation, I vividly remember being reminded to stay calm, not be scared, and to embrace the moment. At the time this statement seemed ironic, but these moments encountering wild animals are an incredibly humbling and moving experience – and they were exactly what inspired me to create wildlife art and at the same time, art for wildlifeThe chance of such experiences is continuously becoming less with habitats dwindling and species disappearing. Relief is urgently needed, not only for endangered animals but also for those placed, by us, into positions of maltreatment and abuse, such as through wildlife trade. We have become so used to treating other species as commodities, without taking into consideration how much we depend on them existing, in order for them to fulfill their ecological roles and keep our world turning. Surely this frame of mind contributes to, and is reflected in the loss of global biodiversity. It seems that we have separated ourselves far from our origin, as we are afterall just another part of the animal kingdom. Let’s do our best to coexist as peacefully as possible. 


I'm so glad to have you here!

Hummingbird Art for the Endangered

Captivating nature

With every story I share and every art piece I create, I learn something new. Whether these are fascinating ecological facts or cruel realities, both deserve attention. There are so many exciting things to observe in nature and I would love to play a part in stimulating more curiosity.

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