Why it matters


Human influence on the environment

How we influence our environment and life within it.

We shape our surroundings, even if we’re not aware of it.

Humans depend on nature's health

We depend on nature's health and biodiversity.

We are part of the ecosystem, just like any other organism.

Natural balance

Everything in nature is connected and in balance.

Disturbances at one trophic level may influence the entire ecosystem.

Biomes of the world and its species

Each animal fulfills a critical role in the ecosystem it is part of, keeping its fragile balance in check.
Fresh water ecosystems.
They connect habitats, enabling nutrient cycling, filter out contaminants and provide drinking water.
They sustain all forms of life, filter out air and water, and provide oxygen and food. Plants facilitate transport of water and trace minerals within the environment.
Ocean ecosystems.
They cover more than 70% of our planet's surface, produce over half of the world's oxygen and regulate climate and weather patterns.
They not only diminish the impact of global warming by storing carbon dioxide, but the dryness of this environment enables the production of important minerals.
They are vital for providing watershed protection, preventing soil erosion and absorbing carbon dioxide.
They are invaluable for agricultural use, act as carbon storage, promote soil health and prevent its erosion.
Being one of the coldest biomes, tundras are essential for the planet's temperature regulation.

I hope this content makes you feel inspired and passionate about our connection with nature, and the protection and conservation of its wildlife. Learn more about the threats specific animals are facing here.

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