Support for wildlife in need

One of the main motives behind selling my art, besides spreading awareness, is to enable financial support for conservation efforts. When you make a purchase, you automatically support wildlife in need! I am currently selling my art on the Etherium blockchain “opensea”, where direct donations to the two wildlife organisations below are made. You can be confident your money will help make a positive difference. By utilising blockchain technology, all purchases and donations are fully transparent. No more doubts about where your money is going. Each NFT purchase will link you directly to an exclusive group chat with one of these amazing organisations. The reason I have chosen these organisations is because they personally inspire me. I am so grateful there are people out there doing such an awesome and essential job. Check them out below to view their website and familiarise yourself with their values.

Want to take it further? If you’re interested in supporting more conservation efforts, start by checking out local initiatives. Lending a hand is easier than you may think and can also be really fun. Most non-profits rely on charity alone so every little contribution makes a difference!


Come see for yourself!

Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Bukavu, Buea, Johannesburg - Africa

ACF is a charity focussed on the importance and power of community-led and self-sustaining local conservation projects. By providing guidance, training, and support, their aim is to protect African wildlife through the empowerment and increased capacity of local conservation efforts. By connecting these projects, they aim to create a network of cohesive, functioning organisations that can work together and amplify each other’s outputs.

New Delhi - India, Salt Lake City - US, London- UK

Wildlife SOS not only provides rescue and rehabilitation for wildlife in need, removing them from captive and abusive environments but also conducts research and conservation efforts for the protection of India’s heritage and wildlife as a whole. Focussed on long lasting protection, Wildlife SOS engages with communities to provide applicable alternatives when it comes to human-wildlife conflict by ensuring that both humans and animals are considered.

"In nature nothing exists alone" - Rachel Carson​

Want to know why it is important for us to coexist?

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